Over the years, Finaro evolved from an acquirer to a leading global payments provider in the Fintech industry.
A people-centric team of solution creators dedicated to simplifying the complexity of payments, it was important for them to reflect the company’s evolvement thorough an expert strategic and visual branding process.
Looking both inwards and outwards, together, we identified their key differentiating strengths and used them at the core of their new positioning, reflecting their impeccable customer service and unparalleled ability to customize multidimensional payment solutions to the individual needs of their clients.
The design process starts from the very beginning and created a visual identity and website that reflects Finaro’s unique strengths. A diverse set of graphic elements was introduced to complement the name and messaging: a new logo was designed to represent Finaro's agility and stability, while the "orange ball" was introduced as a nod to Finaro old logo showcasing Finaro's holistic thinking and playfulness.

This project was a part of my work at Designitlv

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